Dane Strong Athlete Award

​​Dane's Heart Beats On In

Bay County!

The MVP Middle School Student-Athlete recognition was inspired by MVP magazine, Planet Fitness, and the family and friends of Dane Turnmeyer. Dane was born with a congenital heart defect requiring three open-heart surgeries and hundreds of doctors' visits during his short 13 years of life. Dane's life was full of challenges both physically and educationally, but to Dane, it was just LIFE. Dane wanted to be a normal boy and made sure that everyone treated him that way. Dane was naturally athletic and excelled at sports; however, his heart did not always allow his body to perform what he wanted to do. Dane was dedicated, determined, and never quit at anything he started.
Dane was an active member of his church youth group and was proud to let everyone know he loved Jesus. Dane was very involved in the community and volunteered countless hours with his family giving back to many organizations in the community.

Dane made an impact in the lives of family, friends, coaches, and teachers. We want to keep Dane's memory alive by continuing what he started, making a difference in our community, and recognizing others who show exceptional character traits, perseverance, integrity, and sportsmanship.



Middle School Athletes…


Nominate a Dane Strong Middle School Student-Athlete 

MVP is looking for Middle School Student-Athletes whose impact goes beyond the scoreboard. Athletic achievement is not always about athletes who score the most touchdowns, steal the most bases or card the most birdies. It is also about the athletes who impact their team in ways that may not show up statistically.

MVP Magazine and Planet Fitness will honor a monthly middle school athlete who shows exceptional character traits, perseverance, integrity, and sportsmanship. Nominees for this award show commitment to their team and make a difference in their school or community.