We are very fortunate to have state-of-the-art healthcare in our community, and we are exploding with fitness and wellness resources that you may not even be aware of.  As this magazine grows, our readers will be able to gather knowledge to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete, already a fitness junkie, or just beginning on your journey to healthy living, I hope that you will enjoy your local MVP Magazine.
Thank you to all of the advertisers for your support. I look forward to growing this magazine with you!     

Jennifer Watson, Publisher

After working in healthcare marketing for over fifteen years, and raising a few of my own Bay County student-athletes, I decided to put together this new and unique magazine. 

I grew up in Bay County and was kind of a "girly" athlete myself.  I cheered at Rutherford High School and danced at Tonie's Dance workshop from the age of 4-18.  My family had a home in Seagrove so I consider myself a "Dual Resident"  of Bay County and South Walton! I have recently remarried and live in South Walton. My two oldest children are college athletes and I have a highschooler living a home. I have 3 stepchildren~ 2 who were well-rounded athletes and are now amazing adults and my youngest stepchild currently attends South Walton and plays baseball.

The purpose of MVP Health Sports & Fitness magazine is to highlight athletes of all ages and provide readers with valuable health and wellness information.  North-West  Florida produces some amazingly talented athletes.  One thing I have been able to do with MVP and hopefully be able to continue in years to come is to award scholarships to the area's top MVP Student Athletes.

Meet MVP Sports Writer, Lee Ann Swartzentruber

Lee Ann Swartzentruber is a Realtor for Beachy Beach Real Estate, serving customers in Bay and Walton counties. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Mississippi State University. Over the last twenty-eight years, Lee Ann achieved professional success in sales, marketing and public relations. She’s worked in the medical arena, pharmaceutical industry, health/wellness field, college recruitment, and the private sector as a small business entrepreneur. 

Lee Ann is also an avid sports fan. She believes, as the daughter of a successful coach, her exposure to athletics prepared her to be driven, competitive, and equipped with the will to be the best. In her household, winning was the rule, not the exception. From childhood to adulthood she participated in multiple sports, dance and cheer. She was appointed Captain of the MSU Pom Squad and selected as an instructor for Universal Dance Company. For nearly ten years she contracted to coach numerous dance teams and cheer squads.

 You can find her blog at aCoachsDaughter.com. Lee Ann is a perfect addition to our staff as the Sports Writer at Bay County MVP Magazine

Jennifer Watson


Lee Ann Swartzentruber

​MVP Sports Writer